Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I'm off to Sunny Hawaii with my lady and my family. It's a long-anticipated, much-needed trip, and if I were any more excited I'd be doing Cuba Gooding backflips.

I'll be posting here pretty regularly, mostly to share photos of the trip, or particularly amazing moments. Be sure to come by and check in. I love that you've all chosen to spend a few moments of your day here at codemorse.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Academy Awards Are Less Painful Than Usual

Well, the Oscars are over, and for a change, it didn't feel like a 3 1/2 hour affair (even though it was, in fact, a 3 1/2 hour affair). They should have Stewart back as host next year. He handled things with Carson-esque aplomb. And speaking of Carson, I've become fully convinced that, when Conan O'Brien moves into the Tonight Show for Jay Leno, ABC will throw money at Jon Stewart like there's no tomorrow. If Letterman takes off, except CBS to try the same.

As far as the awards went, I don't even remember who half of them went to. Part of this is the near-crippling crack-cocaine addiction. But part of this is also because I just don't care all that much. What keeps me watching the Oscars, year-in and out, are the human, unscripted moments and the occasionally-inspired bits of comedy.

That said, I will opine that Phillip Seymour Hoffman, talented as he is (and incredibly kind as he is - he was in the audience for a show I played with my band a few years back, and he could not have been cooler about coming up after and saying how he enjoyed it), was not nearly as impressive to me as Joaquin Phoenix.

And Brokeback Mountain as phenomenon mystifies me. People keep referring to it as a "watershed," but I'm confused as to why. It's not the first gay movie. Not by a longshot. It is, however, the first heavily promoted and star-packed gay movie. Which, I guess, is a watershed of sorts. And why is the word "watershed" employed in this context? Language is strange.

Given the opportunity to reign as tyrannical and sole voter for the Oscars, I'd have awarded Best Picture to Munich. I'd have given Best Actor to Joaquin, or possibly Eric Bana. And I'd have demanded that each musical performance take place on a bare, elegant stage - all flaming cars, bad-high-school-musical-theater props (Nice streetlight!) and waxy, uncomfortable dancers kept as far from the auditorium as humanly possible.