Sunday, April 03, 2005

Neo-Nazis Kill Terri Schiavo, Sin City Resurrects God of Old Testament

Perhaps you're already familiar with Ted Baehr's MovieGuide, a "Christian" and "Family" oriented website devoted to reviewing pop culture and reducing it to a count of swear words and sexuality?

Ted's buddy, William Federer, has written an article on Terri Schiavo, undramatically titled "Neo-Nazis Kill Terri Schiavo."

Funny, I thought it was William's God that was trying to kill Terri Schiavo, what with his having taken away any ability for her to care for herself. It was the Neo-Nazi Democracy that is America, whose laws allowed that damn tube to be put into her to begin with.

I'm tired of pretending to respect the points of view of people who are obviously insane and drunk on fanaticism.

I'm tired of being told that, as a liberal, I'm the weirdo, with my freedom of thought and equality for minorities and gays and my belief in the democratic system, despite and perhaps, because of, its flaws.

These "Christians" are full of steaming shit.

Check out Ted's review of Sin City:

Ted appears not to see the irony in being a propoent of the bible as God's word, with all its acts of hedonism, violence, sex, slavery, rape, murder, idolatry, etc., while decrying the violence of a movie like Sin City.

If Ted had been able to step out of his self-righteous shoes for just a moment, he might have recognized that the three "anti-heroes" of Sin City are, if anything, living embodiments of the Old Testament's raging, unforgiving God.

Marv, Hartigan and Dwight reign holy hell down on the corrupt and twisted in their city, and they do it for Justice and for vengeance.

How is watching this film any different than reading Job?

Ted commands: "It is important that we who are educated about the issues to not support vile-spewing movies like this one."