Friday, October 28, 2005

You Cannot Make This Shit Up

The thought of eating human flesh always fascinated [Mark Nuckols], and years later when he was rereading an essay about cannibalism while eating a tofurkey sandwich, the thought occurred to him: why not try to approximate the taste of human flesh? Thus was born Hufu, a line of meatless products billed as "the healthy human flesh alternative."

In addition to the novelty and anthropological curiosity of Hufu, Nuckols says his human flesh alternative is just the thing to one-up that food snob friend who's always showing off at dinner parties with foie gras and tins of caviar.

-Metroactive Dining

If you attended a dinner party where the host/hostess sent platters of "healthy human flesh alternative" circling the room, would you fawn over Muffy's marvelous new discovery, or would you begin to search their opulent home for signs of ritual sacrifice and/or Satanism?

This is for real, believe it or not. You can visit the official company website HERE, and order your own supply of grisly faux-flesh, or simply read up on cannibalism. I'm fairly certain that this is the first step toward a Soylent Green society, and that Mark Nuckols is, in fact, the Anti-Christ ascendant. Inflammatory? What if I told you that Nuckols' next goal is to become an arms dealer?

The Hufu site seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about itself, which is nice to see. But perhaps I should point out something to those good people.....


Coming soon: life-sized, blood-filled flesh dolls to simulate the anthropological experience of raping and murdering a race/gender/ethnicity or your choice! Just kidding.

I think.

(story courtesy of the Daily Show)


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