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Our Country Has Gone Insane

Posted by codemorse

I ain't no doctor, but I've been curing what ails ya' for over a year now and I can confirm the veracity of my diagnosis - our country is drunk-on-the-dark-blood-of-kali INSANE right now.

In the wake of Rep. Foley's and the GOP's youngboyapalooza, people have been justifiably venting their anger and bewilderment - not simply over the behavior of a grown man seducing teenagers, but over the clear and willfull efforts of GOP members to cover up for him and then to play down that cover up.

But that's the good news - people should be good and riled up over this.

Here's the part that tells us how insane America is right now:

I want to see a full investigation into this and do not want to blame anyone (Hastert or whoever) until we know who knew what when. But in any event, I have to say that I am ashamed of my party today (yes, I am a Republican). At worst, they knew about this, and at best, they had enough clues to investigation. That anyone would have an inkling of this and do nothing is just disheartening. I think I am sitting this next election out. I won't vote for democrats, but can't vote for republicans right now. Gross. -Mary P.

Yes, apparently pedophilia has convinced "Mary P." that the republican party is, momentarily, as bad as the Democrats. Not worse, mind you. Were that the case, perhaps Mary could put aside her partisanship to consider individual candidates based on, say, merit.

But no. Apparently this scandal is cause to just...stop voting.

That's insane.

I don't mean that in the hyperbolic, ha-ha funny way. I mean that in the "these people have voluntarily lobotomized themselves" kind of way.

Let's take a deep breath and deal with a little something that I like to call "reality." Some folks may not recognize that word right away, considering that we've learned to live without it over the past few years. Still, "reality" remains important, and something that should - from time to time - be examined. So, let's focus on certain realities by answering some comments from Average Joes and Janes on this whole unfortunate mess:

Why is ABC News, and Brian Ross specifically, drip drip dripping these IMs so slowly? This is why people think this is more about politics than the public's need to know. These are all IMs between Foley and the same 2 pages but, for some reason, it has taken 5 days, so far, for ABC News to leak this out? Why not release it ALL at once? Why is ABC intentionally dragging it out so that they have a BREAKING NEWS headline everyday? JUST RELEASE IT ALL! Or is this all simply for ratings?? -Christine

I'm going to assume that Christine isn't being witheringly rhetorical here and treat her question as sincere. I'm also going to refrain from being witheringly condescending. Is ABC News' "drip drip dripping" of these IMs "simply for the ratings"?

Does a Grizzly defecate in the woodland?

There's an ugly sheen to Christine's question which goes unspoken. It speaks to how these creepy IMs allow us to indulge our fascination for the forbidden (something that Rep. Foley now stands publically accused of) without getting in trouble for it. Who cares how many of these things ABC has? Isn't one creepy/kinky IM exchange enough for Christine?

Apparently not. She displays the sort of impatience that fans of 'Lost' tend to show between episodes. When is the next installment coming? What happens next? How dare they withhold entertainment for political purposes!

...only this isn't entertainment. If ABC's drip-drip approach to IM release offends you then don't pay attention to it. I needed to read only one page of Foley's IM exchanges to know that I'd never, ever, need to read any more.

i am wondering who has also endangered these kids. Ross is saying he had the emails back in AUGUST! Several FL newspapers had the bad on Foley as well back then. Foley is not to be excused one bit, but looks like this was also a nicely conducted Oct political surprise that was surpressed! what about that, aren't these people also endangering kids if they knew earlier as well? My guess dems/liberals are giddy as a school boy page over this now! Politics have been played over this at the expense of getting FOley out and away from male pages by all parties!

While there's a point to be made here about making sure that it isn't simply the GOP who's blindly savaged by this scandal (if there were democrats that knew then they should be removed from office. Immediately.), it's kind of overshadowed by the shock this person displays over the withholding of personal information for political gain.

And here I thought that the "October Surprise" was something Republicans looked forward to - like Christmas or a new war. Evidently, that's the case only when that "Surprise" is something they can control.

Where was the Republican outrage over Rove's recent comment that there was an October Surprise coming to help win the elections?

I'm not sure how you don't politicize something like this. Or, more accurately, how you go about even beginning to try and correct something this distasteful without being accusing of "politicizing" things. The man held a public office and is (in theory) accountable to the people. People therefore have the right to know that he's betrayed their trust.

More importantly, we have the right to know if our representatives are covering up for illegal activities.

Most interesting to me is how several conservatives have implied that they hadn't wanted to let this information go public for fear of "Gay-bashing," which would be hilarious if it weren't so straight-faced.

The same party that wants to remove the rights of gays to marry and openly calls them an abomination in the eyes of God - indeed, a threat to our American way of life - is suddenly concerned about "gay-bashing"?

Dudes...I hate to be the one to tell you this...but you ran the last election on a big ol' plank of gay-bashing rhetoric.


At 8:26 PM, Anonymous portia said...

Look, I think these people sold out their constituency. And that's terrible, and it hurts, but it happens in American politics. To use the most obvious and recent example, it sucked when Clinton did it and it sucks now.

But when the chips fall as they will, we still have the issue of children being on the line. And regardless of how you feel about political affiliation, there are still children on the line. So let them fall where they may. Foley did these things. His leadership knew about it. They swore up, down, and sideways that it wasn't how they govern, and we now know it is. So act on that basic absoncion of trust, and know that whom we trust is of paramount importance.

We are only beholden to ourselves to put our trust in others. Let us now have reason to give that trust less mindlessly.

At 9:39 AM, Blogger codemorse said...

I dont disagree with anything you say. It's a mistake to give trust to anyone mindlessly, regardless of context.

And I should be clear that at heart, I think this makes both sides look bad. While the Republicans look far worse, having been notified of questionable behavior years earlier and doing nothing. But opposing forces (Dems, independents, dissidents, and just plain concerned parents) are making Foley into a pedophile.

And he's not.

It is illegal to have sex with a 16 year old, but it is not pedophilia.

And as of yet, it's unclear whether Foley had actual contact with this kid, or just talked to him online.

And I have a problem with someone being criminalized for their thoughts - illegal as those thoughts may be.

If talking to a teen about sex is criminal, then is talking to a dealer about using a drug without using it also a crime?

That's a scary place to put ourselves.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Ben Miro said...

I quit. I'm Latverian now.

At 12:37 PM, Blogger codemorse said...

All Hail DOOM!


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