Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Orlando! Do You Like It? It's October Surprise!"

Posted by codemorse

From the Raw Story:

According to two conservative websites, White House political strategist Karl Rove has been promising GOP insiders that there will be an "October surprise" before the midterm elections.

"In the past week, Karl Rove has been promising Republican insiders an 'October surprise' to help win the November congressional elections," reports Ronald Kessler for Newsmax.

Gee, do you think that the "October surprise" might revolve around gays?

Or the callous political manipulation of terrorist fears?

When did I become so cyncical?

Probably right around the time that my government decided that I had the intelligence of a four year old.

Save us, Karl Rove! Save us from the scary Democrats!

(weeps and hides under my desk)


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