Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It was only a matter of time...

posted by Scott Roche

Virgin Atlantic Airways is restricting the use of Apple and Dell laptops and their Sony-manufactured batteries on its flights. The restrictions are in response the August recalls of millions of batteries used in the two companies' notebook computers due to a risk of overheating and fire, and it affects owners of Inspirons, Lattitudes, iBooks, PowerBooks, MacBooks or MacBook Pros. Virgin will allow customers to use these laptops, but only with seat-side power supplies (if you're flying coach, too bad). The batteries must be wrapped and confined to the owners carry-on luggage and kept separate from the computer. Korean Air recently imposed similar restrictions on laptops using Sony batteries. Virgin said they'd lift the restrictions "as soon as this safety issue is resolved." - source Wired

So no using laptops on Virgin. It's gotta be hard for the people checking bags to look for this. Every laptop's battery is in a different place. And no way can I see them limiting this to just those laptops. You're gonna have a lot of businessmen upgrade to avoid the hassle and so they can watch pr0...DVD's on those long trips. Good for the airline I guess.


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