Wednesday, October 11, 2006


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Republican Sen. John McCain on Tuesday accused former President Clinton, the husband of his potential 2008 White House rival, of failing to act in the 1990s to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

"I would remind Senator (Hillary) Clinton and other Democrats critical of the Bush administration's policies that the framework agreement her husband's administration negotiated was a failure," McCain said at a news conference after a campaign appearance for Republican Senate candidate Mike Bouchard.

McCain's criticism elicited a strong response from Democratic Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 presidential nominee and a potential 2008 candidate....

"The truth is the Clinton administration knew full well they didn't have a perfect agreement. But at least they were talking. At least we had inspectors going in and we knew where the (nuclear fuel) rods were. This way, we don't know where the rods are, the rods are gone. There are no inspectors. Ask any American which way is better," Kerry said.

Well, don't ask any American. Ask Americans who can find their own home state on a map - which was, at last count, just about 70% of the country.

The way in which the Republicans have shifted all blame for failure at the feet of a past administration is not only disingenuous, but vaguely pathetic. Imagine this back and forth over foriegn policy as a domestic dispute:

Wife: "You haven't taken the garbage to the curb in six months! The rats have overrun our yard, our garden is totally destroyed because of dogs and raccoons rooting through our trash bags at night, the smell is stinking up the house, and all the neighbors are complaining!"

Husband: "Don't blame ME for the trash! Eight years ago, when you were in charge of the trash, you failed to put together a comprehensive plan for taking it out! Who knew that there would be so much trash each week? Who knew that I'd have to tie the bags, take them outside, place them on the curb in trash cans, and cover them with lids? Clearly, this is your fault!"

Wife: "But that's insane."

Husband: "What's insane is your failure to come up with a far-reaching, totally effective garbage-hauling policy. Maybe, if you'd dealt a little more proactively with the garbage men, they wouldn't refuse to come into our house each week and remove the trash for us!"

Wife: "Even if that's true, wouldn't it make our lives and our relationship a lot easier if you'd stop blaming me for your every failing and just started taking out the trash again?"

Husband: "What trash? I don't see any trash. I intend to pursue diplomatic relations with the garbage men in order to insure that perhaps, someday, they will realize their responsibility to come and take the trash for us."

Wife: "I'm sleeping with your best friend."


At 11:40 AM, Blogger Scott Roche said...

That was calssic!

At 1:32 AM, Anonymous portia said...

You know, if you're going to even engage in the tit-for-tat, you should take into account that is was Rumsfeld who sold the reactors to the North Koreans in the first place:,2763,952289,00.html

What a difference a couple of years makes! No one involved here has clean hands, but the media has effectively whitewashed the Administration's involvement in NK's acquistion of weapons. If only we'd had people on the ground who could've foretold such extreme outcomes!

At 1:58 AM, Anonymous Hattie said...

Ha Ha Ha.
And McCain want to repeal Roe v. Wade. Who would take care of all those little babies?
He's a joke. He just wants so badly to be president.


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