Saturday, January 28, 2006

Color Me "Surprised"

Well, I don't often eat my words (with the way I write, it'd be like trying to swallow a garbage bag of doritos). But I'd like to think that one of the things that distinguishes Codemorse from some partisan sites is an ability to consider other viewpoints and to give them credit when they strike me as sound, or reasonable.

So, it's with a pleasant sort of surprise that I say "Libertas," the conservative film site I've previously dismissed as being elitist and blindly-partisan, has turned out to be something a little more than I'd previously described (although "Jummy," their rather over-zealous representative, has continued to behave like an ass). Over on their site, Michael Hutchison and I have been going back and forth on "V for Vendetta," and our conversation's been intelligent, respectful, and (for me, anyway) informative.

Click HERE to read it.

Scroll down to the comment section of the post, and past all the Munich nonsense. There's an actual intellectual debate going on about the merits of "V," the violence of the Matrix, the politics of the Wachowski's, and the condemnation of films that one hasn't seen.


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