Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Over at AICN, Drew McWeeny (A.K.A. "Moriarty; A.K.A. The screenwriter of John Carpenter's "Cigarette Burns") has a review up of "This Film Is Not Yet Rated," a documentary on the MPAA - the group that decides what rating (e.g.: "G," "PG," etc.) a movie ends up getting before it hits the theaters.

I thought the review was really interesting. You might, too.

The people who decide what entertainment is allowed to be distributed to mainstream theaters and advertised in major media outlets... arguably the most powerful force in American film today... and it’s a complete secret as to who is actually making those decisions. No one is accountable....They can just take something that someone has invested years of their life into and they can slap a rating on it that guarantees that it never plays in 90% of the theaters in this country and that it won’t be carried by major retail chains when it goes to home video, and they can make sure that the film never really gets a chance to be seen by the general public, and they don’t ever have to answer for that. Does that strike anyone as fair or just or even rational?

Check it out.


At 11:45 AM, Blogger Scott Roche said...

That'll be a good one to see.


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