Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pro(paganda) and Con(servative)

From a National Republican Senatorial Committee fundraising email, courtesy of The Plank:

It's becoming clear that if the liberal Democrat leadership takes control of Congress, they will embark on a destructive agenda of politically motivated "investigations" of President Bush and his administration.

The Washington Post reported this week that House and Senate Democrats are salivating over the possibility of convening hearings on everything from the War in Iraq to the National Security Agency's terrorist surveillance program.

They want nothing more than to create a three-ring political circus they know will get favorable coverage from the liberal media so that they can discredit, and then undo the Bush tax cuts and other important elements of the Bush agenda.

And it's even likely that Democrats - should they take over the House and Senate - will try to impeach President Bush....

....The likely Democrat Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (where impeachment begins), has already made it clear that he supports such action. Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) has already sponsored a resolution calling for an investigation with the clear aim of initiating impeachment proceedings against President Bush. Already, 35 Democrats plus Senate candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have signed on as cosponsors.

And this week on Meet The Press, House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi (who will likely become Speaker if Democrats take control of the House) said of the possibility of impeachment: "you never know where the facts take you."

Well, I think it's pretty clear where the Democrats will take us.

....Towards the facts?

There's no surprise anymore in reading these sorts of emails and propoganda - on either side of the political divide.

It's just useful to be reminded of how little our "representatives" care about doing what's best for this country.

And who's fault is that, really? Well, not to bitch-slap the proverbial Caballo muerto, but it's ours. It seems to me that politicians are operating at a level of pure job-retainment, and that they're able to do so because no one pays attention to what they're doing unless it's about a) abortion, b) gay marriage, or c) terrorism. Even then, it's not as if anyone's watching what they're actually doing - we just get all worked up about the inflammatory rhetoric and then retreat to grouse anther day.

I'm guiltier than most. But what do you do about something like this? How do you increase accountability? How do you cultivate the idea of accountability as virtue in the eyes of the American public? When the word "investigations" can be used in such a pejorative fashion, in the face of the obvious need for some sort of investigation/oversight/accountability (apparently the word of the day....everybody scream!) what - if anything - can we do to decrease the partisan emotion-baiting and engage the collective American intellect?


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