Thursday, May 04, 2006

Justice Done

From the National Enquirer...err...I mean...the NY Post:

A divided jury voted yesterday to spare the life of convicted al Qaeda fiend Zacarias Moussaoui, despite his admitted role in the worst terror attack in American history.

In a dramatic conclusion to the only 9/11 case to come to a U.S. courtroom, a jury of nine men and three women failed to unanimously agree to give the 37- year-old terrorist the death penalty.

Judge Leonie Brinkema will formally sentence him today to life in prison without the possibility of release....

[Moussaoui] sat slouched in a chair and smiled and flashed a "V" for victory sign after hearing the verdict.

"America, you lost. I won!" Moussaoui shouted as federal marshals led him from the court- room.

Don't mistake the "victory" sign and the hyperbolic blather for real sentiments. Not for one minute. Being executed by America would have done far more for Moussaoui's cause than life in prison.

If anyone can be said to have "won" anything, it is us. We reaffirmed that the society we live in is not the vengeful, barbaric, by-any-means-necessary civilization that Moussaoui and his cohorts would like to believe it is.

Justice, not vengeance. No terrorist will ever fatally wound the heart of America, so long as it's justice we pursue.

And no Post article would be complete without a weigh-in from former-Mayor Rudy Giuliani:

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who watched the verdict on TV from his law office, said he was "disappointed," but added it was a "symbol of American justice" that shows we're not what "some of these perverted people portray us as. "I certainly believe that he should have been executed, that the verdict should have been death,"

Try to make some sense out of that spin. We're not what "some of these perverted people portray us as," yet Giuliani believes he should have been executed...which means that we are what some of these perverted people portray us as.

We're just balanced out by people who believe in justice, not in spinning their words to assure that no one can get angry at you and damage your planned run at the Presidency in 2008.


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