Friday, May 05, 2006


Codemorse's favorite* conservative film site, Libertas, has a review up of Network - the seminal 70's cinema satire.

Beale has a lot more lucidity, humanity and pathos than what one tends to find on talk radio these days - and yet the comparisons to people like Rush or Ann Coulter or Michael Savage (who is a most Beale-like figure in terms of his manic, grandiloquent despair at the culture) are inevitable. Beale is no ‘conservative,’ of course. Beale is too despairing and recondite - and too inclined toward mysticism - to endorse any particular ideology or politician; his chief concern is that Americans are becoming dehumanized, soulless and brainwashed by the anodyne amusements offered by television. At issue for Beale is that Americans are beginning to confuse their own realities with the realities they see on TV. This, he raves eloquently, is the road to madness.

Well, Libertas would know all about the road to madness. It's paved with their readers.

The wonderful thing about Chayefsky and his films is not only how politically incorrect they are, or how wickedly funny they are - but that they appeal to a mature sensibility. Paddy Chayefsky was a New York Jewish intellectual who began in the world of the cultural Left, but who grew disenchanted and gradually drifted over to the other side - to the point that half of Network and The Hospital are spent satirizing Marxists. Chayefsky’s movies are funny, vulgar, urban, ethnic, and very sophisticated. They’re movies for adults - particularly those of us (and there are a lot of us) who live in the Blue States, but who don’t happen to be drinking Hollywood’s Hate-Bush Kool-Aid nowadays. There are no films for people like us right now.

So here is my advice to conservatives trying to figure out what they want to say in their films: just for once, do what Chayefsky did and get in the Left’s face. ‘Family values’ are fine, but they’re not always enough. Sometimes you need a sense of humor. Sometimes you need to stop worrying about who you might offend. Sometimes you need some balls. Sometimes you need to get mad as hell.

Yes, just for once, get in the Left's face. Stop being so goshdarn nice to the lefties and start offending. Lord knows, those conservatives have been so kid-glovish with us all.

Maybe it's the Hate-Bush Kool-Aid talking, but I'm bewildered by the reviewer's statement that there are 'no films for people like us right now.' As if there's this enormous influx of Leftist films being released into the gen. pop. like poison into the water supply. Last I'd checked, there were maybe four films from last year that could be thought of (reasonably or un) as promoting a progressive, "Leftist" agenda. Four. They were: Brokeback Mountain (because those lousy gays just won't be satisfied until they have their own stupid movies), Syriana (because a complicated cinematic discussion of global oil politics is obviously designed as a stealth-bomb of Bush-criticism), Good Night and Good Luck (because a fact-checked, historically-accurate depiction of the Murrow/McCarthy faceoff is obviously a thinly-veiled attack on Family Values), and....hmmm...did I say four? I meant three.

Libertas keeps pulling me back in, hungry for a fix of unfiltered 'conservative' rage. I want to stop. But I can't. I'm weak.

*favorite, of course, being used in a sarcastic manner - as in, Codemorse's favorite food is poop.


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