Friday, April 28, 2006

On The Insane Campaign Trail

This, to the best of my knowledge, is taken verbatim from the campaign literature of Vernon Robinson, currently running for congress against current North Carolina congressman, Brad Miller. This is Robinson's decription of Miller:

Brad Miller is a childless, middle-aged, trial lawyer whose ideological worldview was formulated when he joined the ranks of the hippie peaceniks and volunteered on Eugene McCarthy's 1968 presidential campaign. 206,000 North Carolina boys served their country in uniform during Vietnam and 1,609 of those brave souls came back in flag-draped coffins. During the Vietnam conflict, Brad did not answer his country's call to serve in the military, but sought sanctuary on a college campus.

When Brad left the country to attend the socialist schools of Europe, he was further indoctrinated against Judeo-Christian values, the necessity for a strong military, the wisdom of limited government, and the principles of free market competition. After taking a master's degree in political science, Brad came back to the states as an overgrown flower child, went to law school in New York City, and finally returned to North Carolina to make his fortune by chasing ambulances. He's been a radical, left-wing activist ever since.


How dare Brad Miller not have children! Damn hippie peacenik! Why not just mail everyone a crayon drawing of Miller with an arrow pointing to him saying "poop head?" Wouldn't that essentially serve the same purpose?


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