Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Read an excellent, thoughtful (very long) review of the new Mission Impossible film HERE. It looks fantastic.

I've got no problem with them having made the Flight 93 movie, I'm just not emotionally prepared to see it in a movie theater. It's gotten outstanding reviews, and the director (Paul Greengrass) is an accomplished, intelligent craftsman who was the perfect person to choose for this difficult film. Read Brian Orndorf's reaction to the film HERE.

Find out which A-List actor has been cast in Ocean's 13 by clicking HERE. (Hint: He's blind, the head of a crime family, a homicide cop who can't settle down, and ol' scratch).

Did you love A History of Violence like I did? Christmas done come early, because director David Cronenberg and star Viggo Mortensen are teaming up again.

Sage and Savant, Vern, explains why Groundhog Day is both a modern-day comedy classic, and a deep and touching rumination on humanity and choice.

Latino Film Review has a look at the Iron Man script, and it's interesting, if not heartening.


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