Monday, April 24, 2006

Why It's Hard to Take Republicans Seriously Sometimes

We're at war. We're facing serious deficits. Our public educational system is basically a waste. We have 12 million undocumented (i.e., illegal) immigrants in this country and no real plan on what to do with them. Gas costs $385,000,000,000 a gallon.

What is South Carolina doing about it? You guessed correctly. Outlawing sex toys.

Note: If you want people to take you seriously, act like you deserve it.


At 6:53 PM, Blogger codemorse said...

Outrageous and unforgivable.

And that's just the reporting on this.

"I know of multiple marriages that sex toys have sold because some people need that. The people who are riding us (the adult novelty industry) so hard are probably at home buying it (sex toys and novelties) on the Internet. It’s ridiculous."

First, that first bit isn't a sentence. Not even remotely. Second, it's not the adult novelty industry that's "riding" them - its the legislature.

Davenport probably caught his wife using a toy and is exacting his bloody vengeance upon the land.


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