Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Outsourcing: The Next Generation

Posted by Codemorse

It occured to me, while commenting in a recent post on minimum wage, that we're going about this outsourcing thing all wrong.

Why should we be worrying about saving the equivalent of small change by hiring out to other countries for "unskilled" labor, when we can be saving the big bucks on "skilled" labor?

For instance, Congress recently voted itself yet another pay increase. Because they "work" so "hard." Clearly, we're paying far too much in our new global economy for what is, pretty inarguably, a fairly pokey way of running the country.

Why not outsource our Congressional needs to India? Surely there are people there willing to work twice as hard for half the pay in order to run an efficient government?

And what about all these golden-parachute CEO's? The one's loading up their retirement plates as Joe and Jane Sixpack figure out a way to turn their collection of Burger King collectible glasses into something resembling a pension?

Surely China, with it's monstrously-swelling economy and inhuman productivity, could provide stellar CEO's for a mere pittance of the current domestic rate.

Why should jobs like Doctor, Lawyer, Hedge Fund Manager and Mtv programming coordinator be safe from the threat of international competition? It's not as if the people doing these jobs are that much better than those doing them in, say, Micronesia. And it's soooo much cheaper!


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