Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Something Of A Hypocrite, But At Least Self-Aware

We've posted twice on Andrea Yates, and its resulted in some really interesting discussion.

In doing so, we're guilty of taking this woman's tragedy and mulling it over as if it's affected us in some personal way. That's kind of creepy, when you think about it, but also somewhat "normal," as the tragedy of human life has historically been a source of amusement and entertainment (see: Gary Condit, Paris Hilton).

But this? Ugh.

From CNN.com:

Yates sobs, jurors teary at sight of kids' bodies

That's the headline. Yes, it's that big. And, yes, that's the entire article, summed up.

Tragedy-porn. We've all indulged. But it's time to start weaning ourselves off that bitter teat, no?

Andrea Yates will now join A** C******* on the list of people who shall be mentioned by Codemorse no longer, except in veiled, allusive form.


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