Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Greetings, Salutations, Wilkommen, Buenos Dias

Codemorse would like to welcome our newest group of recent visitors to the site, and we hope you'll stick around. Apparently, my rantings on Debbie Schlussel struck a nerve with some folk.

If you're just now hopping on the perpetual-motion machine that is Codemorse: Curing What Ails Ya, allow me to explain the purpose of existence. Well, our existence at any rate.

Codemorse is an ongoing experiment in non-partisan free thought. While many of my personal views tend toward the "liberal," my fellow contributor, Jabawacefti (Jabs, for short) tends toward the "conservative." You'll be able to tell who's written a particular piece by glancing at the bottom of a post.

We believe that the extreme political divide in this country is damaging to its citizens. We believe that the encouragement of free speech and thought is a Good of the highest order. It's our hope that by bringing together liberal and conservative in the spirit of intelligent, sometimes-goofy debate and discussion, we can do our small part to show the nation that it is possible (and yes, desirable) to maintain respect and friendship with those you disagree with.

You are actively encouraged to hold an opinion and to voice that opinion. Unless that opinion is bigoted or malicious, your comments here will be respected and responded to (though we can't guarantee that you won't be assaulted by a hail of good-natured sarcasm/snark. Those with thin skin, look elsewhere). Let it all hang out. Tell us what you think. This place is yours - Jabs and I just keep house. Feel free to poke around. Our archives are deep, and stuffed with film reviews, cultural musings, and a veritable potpourri of random shit.

Thanks, for making Codemorse a brief part of your already-overstuffed day.


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