Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Talking Out Of Your Ass - Still In Fashion

25 years ago today, the Centers for Disease Control recognized a new disease. They called it GRID--Gay-Related Immuno-Deficiency.

But amid political pressure from the PC and Gay lobbies, the name was changed to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). We were told, "This is not a gay disease. This is everyone's disease." We heard dire predictions about millions dropping like flies from this disease. Millions of straight, non-gay, non-drug user Americans.

And yet, it never happened. Other than disease-infested athletes who slept around with disease-infested groupies like, say, a guy named "Magic," there really weren't too many straight people struck by the disease, unless they were prostitutes, complete sluts, intravenous drug users who shared needles.

The millions we were told about dropping like flies just didn't happen. In fact, it turned out that in America, AIDS really isn't "our" disease. But drunken Congressman allocate medical research funds to the disease in such disproportionate amounts that you'd think it still is "our" disease, that you'd still think millions were or are about to drop like flies. They aren't.

....we're not saying that AIDS shouldn't be researched and treated. We're saying there are other diseases. The world's cosmos is not San Francisco . . . or even DuPont Circle (memo to Barney Frank).

We're saying it's time to stop the insanity. Time to redistribute much of the disproportionate amount medical research money from the red ribbon disease of Elton John's friends and needle park inhabitants to the rest of us who have other, equally pressing maladies that run in our families by the misfortune of genes versus someone else's irresponsible behavior in George Michael's back seat and drug dens.

The sheer ignorance and dripping hatred in Ms. Schlussel's post is breathtaking. Were her assertions correct in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, some of this dreck might be partially-forgiveable. I doubt it, but anything's possible.

Here's the thing, though: Not only is this woman filled with enough prejudice to float her eyeballs, she's also an idiot without access to - and/or understanding of - numbers:

"Between 75 and 85 out of every 100 HIV positive adults have been infected through unprotected sexual intercourse, with heterosexual, (male - female) intercourse accounting for over 70 cases and homosexual, (male-male) intercourse accounting for approximately 5 to 10 cases."

Here's the AIDS & HIV statistics for 2004, for those who enjoy facts, not gay-bashing.

Of course, since many of these numbers are global and not limited to the US alone, Ms. Schlussel and her ragingly bigoted ilk will probably justify their position with snide comments about the third-world. As we (ie: Ms. Schlussel) all know, the poor and the uneducated are unworthy of our compassion.

I've posted on Ms. Schlussel's site, so I'd expect some "interesting" comments here over the next day or so. Maybe something along these lines (all comments left untouched to preserve the inability to spell "disease," amongst other telling details):

After "they"(GAYS) have redefined civility no one will have a definition than defines anything. Go to the CDC (gov. Center for Desease Control)and try and find meaningful figures on AIDS. What a "GAY" coverup.

Oh, yes... Yesterday's big scare: AIDS!....Anyone that makes a living a promoting scare tactics for these inflated projections deserves a kick in the crotch in a public forum. SHAME ON YOU!!

Debster, don't know if you've heard or remember, but soon after the big revelation there were rumors a certain guy named "Magic" didn't exactly get AIDS from female groupies if you know what I mean, and I'm not talking needles, either. I don't know whether true or not, but it was mentioned at quite a few places if I recall.

You are right about the disproportionate amount of funds pumped into this one disease, why it amounts to nothing more than largesse for the Gay male community to ward off accusations of homophobia.


In other news, those Holocaust numbers are, like, WAY inflated.


At 1:02 PM, Blogger namaste said...

great piece. i look forward to seeing what sort of replies you get from her camp. should be interesting. rm, tc '98

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad I bookmarked this blog earlier today. I knew Debbie would delete your comment and I wouldn't be able to find your site again.

Debbie always deletes comments that prove her wrong. Can't have the sheep doubting her, after all.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger codemorse said...


Thanks, man. I've been lurking at your site for a little while, but I've had some personal setbacks that've kept me out of touch. Big surprise, right? I apologize, and I'll ring you later tomorrow to catch up.

You're missed.


She deleted me?


At 4:03 PM, Blogger codemorse said...

Oh, and welcome to you, anonymous.

Unlike certain sites, your comments will never be deleted at Codemorse. We believe that dissent is the heart of democracy, and that difference of opinion leads to discussions that better both America and each other.

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Wonky Muse said...

Great response to Schlussel's ugly, banshee-like screed.

I usually don't link to rabid right-wingers like her, but I made an exception in my post on TBV about AIDS. Her obscene rhetoric deserves to be exposed and ridiculed for what it is.


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