Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Common-Sense Conservatives

From the National Review:

The GOP now craves such bipartisan cover in the Jack Abramoff scandal. Republicans trumpet every Democratic connection to Abramoff in the hope that something resonates.
But this is, in its essence, a Republican scandal, and any attempt to portray it otherwise is a misdirection.
Republicans must take the scandal seriously and work to clean up in its wake. The first step was the permanent ouster of Tom DeLay as House Republican majority leader, a recognition that he is unfit to lead as long as he is underneath the Abramoff cloud. The behavior of the right in this matter contrasts sharply with the left's lickspittle loyalty to Bill Clinton, whose maintenance in power many liberals put above any of their principles.

Big ups to Rich Lowry, who cuts through all of the hand-wringing and finger-pointing to say what should be said. Bravo, Mr. Lowry. This is the sort of honest, principled admission that I respect. The Abramoff scandal is, in essence, a Republican scandal. This does not mean that only Republicans pull dirty deals. Democrats are not above this sort of pathetic, criminal action.

But where I come from, you call a spade a spade. And attempting to spread the blame, so to speak, in all matters Abramoff is disingenuous.

I will, however, disagree with Lowry's point about Democrats and Clinton. The Clinton scandal was about morals. It was about condemning a man for his private failings - failings which arguably left his job unaffected. The Abramoff scandal is not about morals at days-end. It's about financial and political corruption. Even if you think that what Clinton did was immoral and unbefitting the President (an unusual stance, considering the vast swath of politicians who fuck around on their wives), it's pretty much apples-and-oranges.


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