Thursday, January 19, 2006

All Full Up On Kooky Crisps

I'm speechless.

From Decon's Dailykos Diary:

A known killer has attacked Hillary Clinton.

I know she bakes good cookies, but isn't time the press stopped treating Laura Bush with kid gloves. She routinely interjects herself into politcal [ed. - sic] matters, and in my view, is fair game. Go get her.

Okay...I'm full of speech again.

Decon, you are a horrible person. Insinuating that Laura Bush murdered her boyfriend? That's sickening.

If folks like good old Decon weren't spending all their time inventing vast conspiracy theories they'd have enough time to run for office and actually do something about the things they disagree with. Of course, considering Decon's apparent state of psychological well-being, I wouldn't want him within three-hundred feet of a government institution.


Good for Laura Bush. Clinton's remarks were ridiculous, and they should be smacked down.


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