Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tired Words On The New World

Dave Poland's an interesting guy. He runs a film website called the Hot Button, which amounts to an entertainment blog obsessed with the financial numbers of Hollywood motion pictures.

I'm not sure if the guy is actually a critic, or if he's a "professional commentator," but I like to drop by once in a while and read his ramblings. He's expanded his site to include an actual blog, which allows his readers to post their thoughts.

Yesterday's post was re: The New World, a film I've been seeing trailers for since what feels like 2002. He likes the movie, which is great (because I think it looks interesting and beautifully shot), but what made me post were the comments that his readers posted after his "review."

To wit:
If New World doesn't win the Oscar, the suicide rate in the Native American community will skyrocket.

Actually, "The New World" is part of the Movement. It has stopped being about how good the movie is. It's now about being about a cause or about Native American life.

Every Native American person will see it. Isn't it a requirement now in the Native American community? The List goes: Know every word of "Colors of the Wind." Geronimo sticker. Warpaint. See "The New World."

The Native American lobby is out in force on “The New World.” It'll get stronger and more desperate by the day especially before nominations come out. Some are using this movie as a movement and a referendum. You can deny it all you want. But the majority of Native Americans want this film to do well even if they don't like the film, haven't seen the film, or don't even care about film. It's more of a movement than a best picture contender.

Apparently, some of the above is supposed to be a "joke" of sorts. I'm not sure why it's funny.


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