Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Software Wednesday - Picasa

Looking for a way to upload and share your pictures? I talked about this a bit last week, but today I'll suggest just the right software to do it. It's called Picasa and it's a free download from Google.

It will scan your computer and give you an organized view of all of the pictures it finds. You can organize them into albums, give them descriptive tags, and rate them. It also includes a basic editor that lets you crop, deal with redeye, and do some cool effects. For you real camera buffs it can give you a list of all the information that gets uploaded with your picture including things like what camera was used and graph of the color intensity. Once you've done all that Picasa makes it easy to burn them to CD or DVD to give to friends and family.

While these features are great, there are two that I really like when it comes to sharing your pictures. If you use the Blogger service you can use the "Blog This" button in Picasa to send pictures to your blog and include a post about that picture. It's also very easy to use with Flickr, a free photo sharing service. The right settings in Picasa allow you to email your pictures to an address provided to you by Flickr with any descriptive tags you want to use in the subject, and it resizes the pictures to your specifications and posts them.


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