Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Digital Photo Sharing...

posted by Scott Roche

Charlie White at CoolnessRoundup interviewed Alex Goldfayn about his new book Going Digital. Based on what I heard on the podcast, if you have a relative who has a digital camera, but isn't very technical you need to buy it. It doesn't so much tell you how to take a better picture (though there's some of that), but rather it goes into what you do with them once you have them.

I have untold megabytes, probably gigs of pictures on my hard drive and I think it's time I started using some of the cool things he talked about. Things like the Ceiva digital picture frame. What sets this apart from other digital picture frames is its ability to download pictures from Ceiva's server at night. Every day you could view thirty new digital pictures with no PC necessary. I'm seriously thinking Christmas present for my Mom.

He also talks about websites like Shutterfly. They will take your pictures and turn them into professional quality photobooks for a reasonable price. Flipclips will do something similar with your home video. They make it into an old fashioned flip book.

Most of his suggestions seemed to be of the DIY variety though. New computers typically come with the hardware and software necessary to do a host of interesting things. If you use a Mac, its iLife software suite lets you create DVDs of still pictures and videos set to music. If you aren't playing with all the cool kids and still have a PC Roxio makes a software that will do the same thing. And of course there are always websites like Flickr that will let you upload, store, and share your pictures for free.

Bottom line, if you spent three hundred bucks on a nice camera and all that time taking them, get them out of your computer and into the hands of your friends and loved ones.


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