Monday, August 21, 2006

Gadget of the Week - Optimus Mini Three Keyboard

I've been waiting to see this as an actual product for quite a while now and I think it's got some potential. It's a USB hotkey device with three programmable buttons. But wait there's more. You get to decide what pictures each of those little displays... displays. And it can do animations (though the frame rate isn't very high at 3 fps).

It's a little pricey ($159.99 at ThinkGeek) and they aren't due in until mid-September so I'm not too worked up. What does interest me is the full sized keyboard mockup that I've seen. Imagine this on a larger scale as a teaching tool. Pretty dang cool.

Keys can be configured for the following functions:

  • Start an Application
  • Set as any keyboard combination
  • System Status with Free Memory and CPU Usage graph
  • Display webcam or other dynamic images pulled from the web
  • Display the Time and Weather in any city with animated analog or digital clock face
  • Control Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Outlook Express and Windows Media Player


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