Monday, August 28, 2006

Once You Have Met That Little Coquette, Katrina; You've Lost Your...Home

It's strange to think that Hurricane Katrina was just a year ago.

With so much happening, all the time, the tragedy and insanity of Louisiana has faded until it seems as though it might have happened two or three years ago, at least.

In this month's edition of The Atlantic, there's an interesting interview with Michael Chertoff that discusses the government's response to the disaster, and it's doubly interesting how we as a country have begun to excuse and legitimize the slow response of FEMA and other government entities.

Which is why it's important to have timelines like this one to remind us all of what actually occured a year ago, and of how important it is to keep political and social pressure on our government to aid us domestically in disaster.

Disaster happens. Whether its terrorism (a threat so old that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson corresponded on it) or Mother Nature, we will be caught by "surprise" again. And how we've learned from events like Katrina can help to reduce the suffering and insanity of future disasters. Let us all hope that Mr. Chertoff is sincere in his claim to have learned from Katrina.

Because it's going to happen again.


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