Friday, August 25, 2006

Website of the Week -

posted by Scott Roche

Apologies that this posted on Monday. Blogger was giving me fits.

If you're among the growing number of Americans that's exercising your craft muscles and want to make some money you could do worse than They only charge you ten cents an item to list and a 3.5% fee on any sale. That's peanuts compared to eBay. But that's not why I listed this as a site worth noticing.

Look at how things like its search engines are designed. Click on search by color and you get a field of colors that blossom under your cursor. Once you click the one you want it gives you your results as a stack of virtual photos that you can toss around. Look at their time machine feature which shows you items based on when they were posted. Click on their Sampler and you get a random list of a hundred sellers. This is the way sites like this should be designed. This sort of thing is "the future" of the web. Or maybe not but it should be.


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