Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hybrid Drives...

posted by Scott Roche

According to an article at computerworld Windows Vista will have support for Flash based drives. Cast your brains back about twelve days and you might remember that I wrote a little thing on the future of hard drives.

The hybrid drives and on board flash mentioned in the the article... What, you didn't click the link? Okay I'll summarize. A hybrid drive is like a regular hard drive with 256 megs of non-volatile Flash memory, the kind you'd find on a thumb drive. As an alternative Intel is putting the same kind of memory on a motherboard.

Vista will be able to use either one to cache (temporarily store) bits of information. This can speed up performance quite a bit depending on what you're doing. It will also make computers more efficient when it comes to power usage. The biggest effect this will have though is to make Flash even cheaper and to bring the death knell of the spinning platters one step closer.

Larger capacity for flash drives will also give us better MP3 players and UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs). What's a UMPC you ask? Stay tuned gentle reader and I will school you.


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