Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Golden Casting

Posted by codemorse

As the film version of "The Golden Compass" becomes concrete reality, some impressive talent is lining up to act in it.

First, we got news that Nicole Kidman was signed for the role of Ms. Coulter, and most recently, that Eva Green had accepted the role of the witch, Serena.

But IMDB (which is known as much for its wild rumors as it's confirmed facts) dangles this unconfirmed, abso-fucking-lutely brilliant piece of casting in our collective faces, and I cannot resist publishing it here:

Ian McShane .... Iorek Byrnison (rumored)

Goddamn, that's good (rumored) casting.

Those cocksuckers who can't appreciate the Shakespearean dialogue and Altman-esque sprawl of HBO's "Deadwood" should be drawn and fuckin' quartered for their folly. McShane is the shaggy, fearsome, oddly-sympathetic beast at the heart of HBO's stellar show, and the prospect of him voicing Iorek, who's like Al Swearengen but furrier (being a Polar Bear and all)?



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