Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Andrew Sullivan Is Surging With Testosterone

Posted by codemorse

Andrew Sullivan, whom I disagree with as often as agree with, is always worth reading. His recent blogging on "Gibson-Gate" (Has the media started calling it that? Set your watches, they probably will soon) is interesting, enlightening stuff. In the midst of it, Sullivan brings up that other popular prejudice on everyone's mind: homophobia.

Sullivan's an "out" homosexual who writes stirringly and emotionally about the struggle for gay rights and acceptance of the lifestyle in this country. Notably, one of the major factors which transformed Sullivan from a die-hard Bush administration supporter into a more moderate conservative routinely critical of the administration was Bush's decision to back the prejudiced on the issues of gay marriage and gay rights.

You're never so politically aware as when the situation affects you intimately and directly.

Below is a wonderfully written and sharply observed dissection of the homophobia in THE NAMELESS ONE's constant media appearances.

From Andrew Sullivan:

Kaus defends his friend Ann Coulter's bigotry, and it's worth unpacking his argument. The claim that Coulter is making and Kaus is seconding - that same-sex love is inherently more promiscuous than heterosexuality - has a simple, logical rejoinder: lesbians. Where are the lesbian bath-houses, Ann? Where's the rampant lesbian promiscuity? Aren't lesbians homosexual? Or do we just deploy these terms broadly, whenever they can be used to stigmatize an entire minority?

The phenomenon Kaus and Coulter are pretending to deal with is called testosterone. It's called men - gay or straight. And Peter Beinart is right: by inherently equating homosexuality as such with promiscuity, Coulter is peddling an old homophobic slur, and Kaus is backing her up. Her point about Bill Clinton - that because he is promiscuous he is somehow gay - is a revealing inversion of the truth. The truth is that many gay men are acting like Bill Clinton, because, like Bill Clinton, they are full of testosterone, and, like Bill Clinton, they can get sex when they want. Clinton gets it and has gotten it because of his charm and his power (which he regularly abused for sexual harassment purposes). Many straight men would do the same if they could get away with it. Can you imagine the lines for straight bathhouses if women were as eager to get it on with strangers as men are?

Gay men get it because their emotional and sexual universe is all-male and so twice as testosterone-laden as the straight male sexual universe. There are no straight women to direct and restrain their sexual drives and, in forty-nine states, no social institutions strong enough to support their relationships. Coulter's real issue is with men, not gays. But she and Kaus tellingly displace this issue onto homosexuality as such -because that is the classic bigot position. In the bigot's mind, everything is always the minority's fault.


At 10:04 PM, Blogger Wesley said...

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At 10:06 PM, Blogger Wesley said...

Maybe Anne had a bad experience with one of her boyfriends. Maybe she found him one day in one of her favorite dresses blowing the mailman or something. But seriously, the best way to deal with Anne Coulter is to ignore the raving wench. She is, after all, a creature(human being seems a far strech) that thrives on attention. And everytime you respond to one of her inane ass comments you give her the said attention she so craves. Think of it this way, it's like the first Nightmare on Elm Street; all you have to do is turn your back, walk away, and chant "I take back the power I gave you" amd poof she dissappears in a blinding blue light.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger codemorse said...

I agree. I purposely do not respond to her comments. In the past four months or so, she's appeared in print at Codemorse only as THE NAMELESS ONE.

I reprinted Sullivan's comments on her because I think they're generally applicable to anyone who argues that homosexuals are "promiscuous."

Sadly, I don't think that chanting will do the job. Although I do subscribe to the theory that, much like Tinkerbelle, THE NAMELESS ONE will expire if we ignore her.

So maybe some chanting is in order after all. Say it with me, now: "I do believe in faeries (and their right to get married)! I do believe in faeries (and their right not to have the shit kicked out of them)! I don't believe in skeletal harpies! I don't believe in skeletal harpies!"

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Scott Roche said...

So men are pigs regardless of sexual orientation? Nice.


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