Wednesday, April 19, 2006


From "Newsbusters":

On Monday, for the second straight weekday, Access Hollywood's New York correspondent, Tim Vincent, a veteran of the BBC, sported a hammer and sickle T-shirt as he introduced a story. Just as on Friday's show, as documented in an April 15 NewsBusters item, though he wore a jacket over the red shirt with the symbol of the regime which murdered tens of millions and oppressed hundreds of millions more for decades, a gold hammer and sickle was clearly visible inside a gold-outlined red star which, sans the hammer and sickle, would match the Soviet's Red Army emblem....I don't get it. Is this some kind of cool statement with thirtysomethings, elite New Yorkers or Brits?

That's pretty much it exactly. You can't throw a rock in NYC without hitting a vaguely-emaciated-looking NYU student wearing the hammer and sickle in some sort of attempt at irony/rebellion.

Personally, I've long grown past the idea that what I wear on my t-shirts is somehow a bold declaration of my individuality/personality. Wearing a hammer and sickle on your shirt isn't ironic or cool, it's a fashion statement. And fashion statements are, almost by definition, defiantly uncool.

Also personally speaking, the author of the above-quoted article is a moron.

Anyone who doubts that we've ever left the era of Puritanical suspicion and priggish indignation need look no further than the above article, which helpfully shows that folks are as drunk-on-the-blood-of-the-dark-god-Kali-insane as they ever was.

(link lifted from senor Willis)


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