Friday, August 04, 2006

Girls Gone Wired...

posted by Scott Roche

Okay I had to steal that title. Oxygen paired with Teen Research Unlimited did a survey which indicates that women are more techno literate than we cro-mags like to admit. The majority of those polled say that they don't care what something looks like. They just want it to work as advertised. Women feel comfortable using new gadgets and would prefer to have something electronic over new jewelry or shoes.

As someone who is married to just this sort of woman I'm not in the least bit surprised. Once advertisers and manufacturers realize that there are a plethora of girl geeks and woman whizzes maybe they'll realize that speed and power aren't the only things they should be touting. My spouse is infintely more impressed by overall functionality and ease of use and I suspect that her sisters aren't that different.


At 10:45 AM, Blogger codemorse said...

I know the women in my life are definately this way (though not to the exclusion of jewelry, sadly).


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