Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Who Do You Stand With?

As you've probably gathered from the flood of tv advertisements, X3: The Last Stand opens this Friday. Faithful readers already know that X3 features codemorse's single favorite sci-fi/comic book character of all time - Dr. Henry McCoy. As such, I'm sorta salivating-at-the-mouth to see this puppy.

The film's central storyline revolves around the creation of a "cure" for mutation, an allegorical device with more than a few applications to the real world. As always, Professor X maintains a Martin Luthor Kingish stance of attempting peaceful compromise. And Magneto continues his Malcolm Xian campaign of mutant rights, by any means necessary.

Who's side are you on? Were they to develop a "cure" for homosexuality, or for atheism, or for religious belief, or for something as simple as dissent, would you take the path of peaceful resistance? Or would you take up arms?

I'd like to believe that I'd follow Xavier. But then, we'd all like to believe the best of ourselves.

My favorite internet film critic, Vern, has seen the film. He liked it. Given that both he and "Moriarty" have both given the film a thumbs-up, I've got no doubt that I'll enjoy it. Go see the film and ensure that the Beast continues to make cinematic appearances purely for my pleasure.

Dr. McCoy was quite the ladies man - questions of bestiality apparently never entering these ladies' minds.


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