Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm Your Private Dancer, A Dancer For Money

Jenna Jameson - porn star, adult entrepreneur, living, breathing Barbie doll with nipples - became an advocate for Constitutional liberties yesterday.

Reports that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will star in Backdoor Brothel Brouhaha are, as yet, unfounded.

From yahoo:

Internationally known actress Jenna Jameson says she will launch a referendum effort to overturn a newly passed ordinance that would effectively put her out of the cabaret business. Ms Jameson said, "We are outraged that Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross and the City Council have enacted an ordinance that will effectively put our law-abiding and tax-paying cabaret out of business. They have created unfair and uncompromising rules governing the distance dancers have to be from cabaret patrons. This distance restriction will not be feasible within the small constraints of my cabaret Babe's, and would force me to shut down. This action was taken despite the fact that the dances the girls provide for customers are protected by our First Amendment rights under Freedom of Expression.

"I believe this would not have become an issue if I hadn't invested in the club. The mayor and her council members used my fame to generate publicity that panders to the religious right wing, without regard to the rights of the majority of our citizens who simply want to enjoy adult entertainment. The mayor and council are clearly set in their ultra conservative ways and out of touch with what the people want. I plan to redouble my efforts to make sure everyone realizes the implications of their action. I have instructed our lawyers to begin a referendum action to recall this absurd ordinance, which was drafted by a hired gun from Tennessee named Scott Bergthold who has made it his business to take away freedoms of expression and choice for consenting adults. I understand that this religious zealot gets paid to create situations like this, ones that will require lawsuits, and then he personally benefits by consulting or representing the city in resulting legal actions. We want to give the people of Scottsdale a voice in this matter, and the referendum will provide that opportunity."

Damn, girl. Sling that silver tongue.

And now, a moment of prurient repose:

(yahoo link courtesy of oliverwillis. Pic courtesy of justjennajameson)


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