Friday, July 28, 2006

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Posted by codemorse

From one of Andrew Sullivan's readers:

Reading the interview with Kos made me want to throw up. As a Connecticut native (and Lieberman supporter), I wonder where he gets off trying to play God in our elections. He says, "I don't think Joe Lieberman would have anything to worry about had he tended to his constituents back home. His job is to represent the people of Connecticut." What kind of view of Connecticut's politics does he think he has from San Francisco, exactly? Representing "the people of Connecticut" is exactly what Lieberman has been doing, which is why he is crushing Lamont and the GOP candidate in a 3-way general election with over 50% of the vote. What Kos wants, of course, is for Lieberman to represent his vision of what the Democratic Party should be. He goes on to say that Lieberman would not be abiding "by the democratic will of the people of Connecticut" if he loses the primary and wins the general election. Right, because "people of Connecticut" = "20% of Connecticut's registered Democrats who turn out for the closed primary in the middle of the summer." Spare me.

Newsflash: Bill Clinton isn't a Connecticut resident. Should he cease supporting Lieberman? Most of the politicians showing support to Lieberman are out-of-state. Should they shut up?

According to this link (courtesy of This Modern World), a whopping 80% of Lieberman's contributions are out-of-state in origin.

According to this guy's logic, shouldn't we demand those contributions cease immediately?

What's the problem here, exactly? It would seem the problem is this:

People who like Lieberman don't want him to be voted out of office.

Big surprise, I know. I'm here to answer the obvious ones.

But here's the problem with that problem:

We're a democracy.

Frankly, I don't give a shit whether or not Sullivan's reader likes Kos. As a commentor on Sullivan's site notes, the effort to demonize DailyKos has shifted overnight from "painting the man and the site as ineffectual and unimportant" to "Kos-as-threat-to-American-Way-of-life".

Again, no surprise there. It's the go-to attack button for idiots everywhere.

What's depressing to me is the sheer hypocrisy of the above statement. "YOU! KOS! Stay out of our elections! You? Clinton? Well, you're okay. You agree with me. You can say something."

...and if Lieberman is "crushing" LaMont, then what's the problem here again?


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