Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Swiftboaters For Bullshit

Posted by codemorse

From Taylor Marsh:

Okay, so we've got the Swiftboaters for Truth going after Murtha in Pennsylvania. Now we've got the Swiftboaters for Freedom -- give me a break -- going after Ned Lamont....

... The paid message was placed by the Virginia-based Vets for Freedom Action Fund, established last month under Section 527 of the federal tax code as a nonpartisan organization "to communicate with the public on veterans' issues and the war in Iraq."

The group has high-level Republican connections. It has used a public relations firm that includes Taylor Gross, a former White House official, and receives volunteer advice from GOP strategist Dan Senor.

But its executive director, Iraq war veteran Wade Zirkle, said its members are both Democrat and Republican and its main issue is whether someone is "simply pro-mission or anti-mission," referring to the U.S. mission in Iraq.

The ad surfaced on a day when White House spokesman Tony Snow would not commit himself on whether Republican President Bush would support Alan Schlesinger, Connecticut's Republican nominee, in the three-way race with Democrat Lamont and independent candidate Lieberman.....

Non-partisan, my ass.

Of all the under-handed tactics from the last presidential election, the Swiftboat veterans "for truth" irked me most.

The idea that Kerry's war record would be as ruthlessly and unpatriotically attacked as it was disgusted me. That the same people who hide behind a "support our troops" mentality could turn around and tar Kerry's service to his country was boggling. That the opposing candidate had sat out the war entirely because of Daddy's connections, while Kerry had volunteered for active duty, was something I thought could not be "massaged" or manipulated.

I was wrong. All you need to do is brazenly slander someone and let the whiney liberals worry about the "truth" in the Swiftboat veterans name.

And now we're doing it all again.



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