Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why, Zizou? Why?

Posted by Jabawacefti

Anyone following the World Cup that watched the World Cup final is still asking themselves: Why in the world would Zidane do that? Why?

About eight years ago, I was with my two best friends in France during the '98 World Cup. Zidane was inspired. He was incredible. A magician, they said. And it was true.

After an early exit in 2002, France came back in '06 with a fire. On the wings of Zidane again. Until the moment.

He was actually the reason I started to follow international soccer (or football, futbal, etc.). He was magnificent. I just can't believe he just head butted the guy like that. It's not as if he was 20 years old and it was simply youthful anger. The dude is 34. He's supposed to be an adult. Who has faced this sort of baggering during soccer games throughout his career. Ugh. I can't believe it.

In any case, I am choosing to remember the glorious Zidane that I remember from '98, and that from the Brazil game in '06. His skills were unmatched. And I'm sad to see him go. Despite what he did. Which just feels strange. Like it didn't really happen. Because it couldn't have. Could it? Am I dreaming?

Anyone who has played any sport recognizes that there's trash talking. Your mom's a @#$@%! Your dad sucks @#$@#%! I had sex with your girlfriend last night! If you have played sports, I'm sure you've heard all of them. I certainly did. Including one or two off color anti-semetic remarks to a colleague of mine (not that I condone that). But you never react. Because that's when they win. I always assumed Zidane knew better. Oh well. Goodbye Zizou. Or perhaps, au reviour.


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