Monday, July 24, 2006

Electronic Calendars...

posted by Scott Roche

Trying to keep organized in the bizarro world of ours is a lot like dribbling a football. I know that I'm constantly bombarded with demands for my time from my legions of fans and it would be nice to have a calendar that I could easily share with them to let them know when I'm available to sign autographs. Problem is that we'd all have to be using the same type of calendar software/website because interoperability is a real bear.

This was the topic of an Inside the Web podcast that I listened to this morning on the way into work (loving my new IPod, oh yes!). Leo Laporte and Canadian hotness Amber MacArthur talked to Scott Mace of Calendar Swamp about his efforts to rectify this situation.

This is one of those problems that I didn't realize was a problem until I listened to this and put my brain to it. There are a variety of services/plugins/software packages than can start you down the right path, but they're far from perfect. Imagine of email were like this, only being able to message people if they're using a specific software. IM'ing is this way to a degree, but there are things like Trillian that can allow you to monitor the major chat clients. There are no real answers to this dilemma yet. It's all a snake pit and he (Scott) said it's up to us as consumers to make some noise to our calendar providers.

What do you use? Work forces me to use Outlook which isn't too bad, but without a Palm or some other (inferior) PDA I don't have the portability I'd like. I toyed with Google's calendar, but I can't synch the two and I'm lazy. Amber said that she was tempted to go back to pen and paper and even uses that on occasion. Are you there yet? I've considered it (Hipster PDA), but my handwriting is atrocious. Maybe you have the answer. If so it could make you a rich man.


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