Saturday, January 28, 2006

Skynet Is Here. Judgement Day Forthcoming.

Codemorse has a "Sitemeter" that allows me to see who visits the site, and why. It's nifty, and it's niftier to see how my readership has grown (from me and one other guy to me and ten other guys!).

Checking it today, I noticed that the last person to visit me came from this server:

DetailDomain NameVisit TimePage
Visit Length
skynet.beJan 28 20069:38:12 am22:23

Yes, it's as James Cameron feared. Skynet is online.

At any moment, I'm expecting a cybernetic organism - living tissue over a metal endoskeleton - to burst into my apartment. If I might make a request: When the robots come to take me away, could you send one that looks like Kristanna Loken, and not Arnie or Robert Patrick? Thanks, Skynet!



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