Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Getting Some Tail

I love Lost.

Tonight's episode, The Other 48 Days, was another fantastic episode.

We learned that:
- Ana Lucia had, or tried to have, children at some point
-That she says she's not a Doctor, but see that she knows CPR
-Mr. Eko is a badass.
-He's also a mysterious cat, opting not to speak after slaughtering two of the "Others" for the obviously-significant period of 40 days.
-Boone was talking to the Tail-End survivors when he used the radio last season.
-There is some specific future significance to the one woman from the tail being a clinical psychologist. She's mentioned it twice in two episodes. My guess? She was Desmond's partner in the hatch, and wasn't actually on the plane.
- Most importantly, Goodwin, the "Other" who infiltrated the tailers, mentions that the children they've taken are "fine. They are better off where they are." He also says that the people on the Others' list were the "good" people, and that's why they were taken.


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